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Kindess Tree Days 2 – 5

We didn’t want to miss a single day for our students to be challenged to complete random acts of kindness, so we made ¬†sure that we have challenges for the days during the weekend too. Check out what challenges our students have been up to lately.




















Only 16 more days until Winter Break!

Until Next Time,

Miss Jenna deBoth



The Kindness Tree


During the month of December, the Grade Six’s will be learning about different random acts of kindness that they can do during this season of giving. These random acts of kindness have been written out on the back of different ornaments that are ‘hung’ on a tree outside of our classroom. Each day, the student will learn about a different random act of kindness. Stay tuned each day for our random acts.

Miss Jenna deBoth


Have You Fed Your Brain Today?

To go along with our school literacy challenge, Mrs. Anderson and I have created a reading and spelling challenge in our classroom. We have decided to challenge our students to see how much time they can spend each month “feeding their brains” and increasing their “brain power.” The student(s) who spend the most time “feeding their brain” in each month, will get to go with Mrs. Anderson and Miss deBoth for a treat to dairy queen.

If you would like to know more about our challenge, please take a look at the pdf listed below.


After 1 week, our brains are starting to grow as most students spent between 1-2 hours outside of school increasing their brain power.


Looking forward to seeing how much progress our students make this coming week as we hit the beginning of December this Thursday!


Have you fed your brain today?

Until Next Time!

Miss Jenna deBoth

Co-Constructed Story – The Crazy Hockey Food Fight

In ELA, we have been learning about paragraphs and more recently about how to write a narrative story. To give the students a better understanding of how to create a narrative story, we created one together as a class. Then we split up the writing and created two class story books. Feel free to check out the story below as well as some pictures to go along with it.

20161115_142552 20161115_142600 20161115_142606 20161115_142614 20161115_142641 20161115_142648 20161115_142717 20161115_142732 20161115_142748 20161115_142832



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Halloween and Pumpkin Painting

On October 31st, the students at Haig school had the option of dressing up to celebrate Halloween. A few of our students dressed up in different costumes, as well as Mrs. Anderson and Miss deBoth dressed up as well. In the afternoon, the students had an opportunity to paint small pumpkins in whatever design that they chose. Check out their designs below.

20161031_132841 20161031_132858 20161031_132909 20161031_132917 20161031_132930 20161031_132940 20161031_132946 20161031_132950 20161031_132959 20161031_133010 20161031_133035 20161031_133050 20161031_133058 20161031_133118 20161031_133120 20161031_133131 20161031_140336 20161031_140341 20161031_140348 20161031_140354

Looking forward to the adventures that November has in store for our class.


Until next time!

Miss Jenna deBoth

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A Day of Organized Chaos – October 28th

On Friday, October 28th, the students at Haig had a day filled with various adventures. In the morning, the SaskTel I am Stronger street crew surprised the whole school at Haig with a Surprise and Delight Event consisting of games, prizes as well as a full pizza, pop and chip lunch. SaskTel visited Haig School in recognition of the Random Acts of Kindness group (RAK Pack) that Haig School runs where students in grades 5 and 6 do random acts of kindness for the school and community of Weyburn. The SaskTel I am Stronger group has provided funds to help the RAK Pack run each year. These funds are provided to groups that help promote positivity and anti-bullying in their school. WELL DONE RAK Pack! Below are some pictures from the event.

20161028_112647 20161028_114239 20161028_114626 20161028_115626 20161028_115634 20161028_122227 20161028_122235


After lunch, our grade 1/2, 3, 3/4, 5, 5/6 and 6 classrooms headed to the local Communithon to present their musical acts for the community of Weyburn. The Communithon is a telethon style fundraiser for the United Way in Weyburn. Our grade six students preformed two songs, “Lost Boy” and “I Got A Feeling”.


What a day of fun and memories that will last all year long!

Until Next Time!

Miss Jenna deBoth

Patterns and Algebra Math Unit Review

Our Math Unit Test has been moved to WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 2016. This change was made because we still have one more lesson and assignment in our unit. With Halloween happening on Monday, we did not want to have a test on Halloween or the day after as we know students will likely be out celebrating. The review is attached below if your child still needs it or it did not come through in your email.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Halloween!

Miss Jenna deBoth